Vacuum Therapy Buttlift

Vacuum therapy is a revolutionary, new treatment designed to improve the appearance of the buttocks, and provide patients that beautifully toned, voluptuous backside they’ve always wanted, without the need for surgery!
Most of us would love an improved backside, that defies gravity – but maybe you’re not ready for the financial commitments or the side effects associated with traditional Butt Lift surgery. Well now using amazing vacuum technology Delfin Therapies brings you the Delfin Cup Vacuum Therapy Buttlift treatment. The Delfin cups provide amazing, long-lasting results without the need to go under the knife, or using any injectable chemicals or fillers!

How Does the Vacuum Therapy Buttlift Work?
The Delfin cups use strategic hot and cold therapies, along with high-powered vacuum suction to provide you a firmer, lifted, backside with youthful contours and the voluptuous figure you desire. The Vacuum Therapy process dilutes and relocates underlying gluteal fat (fat along the buttocks) – using intermittent hyperthermic therapies (localized heat), pressure massage (using Delfin cup suction), and hypothermic applications or localized cooling (with cold devices or hypothermic lotion).

Essentially the Vacuum Therapy system, dilutes fat along the backside, and relocates it to a higher, more lifted area – similar to a surgical fat transfer except using the fat that is already located along the backside. Because of this, patients must generally already have a necessary amount of fat along the backside – to ensure adiposity. Once the fat is relocated, it is then cooled and massaged to spread it evenly.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?
For optimal results, patients will generally require a minimum of 10-12 sessions performed 2 weeks apart.

How Long Do Results Last?
Results are long lasting, after completing the 10-12 session protocol, the results can last for close to a year on its own. However, for best results, and in order to maintain their results long-term, patients are asked to incorporate a lifting and exercise plan into their monthly routine. Generally, with only 2 monthly lifting sessions (glute work, ie. squats, lunges, etc.), patients are able to maintain results long term. In addition it is recommend that you use a self-massage, firming cream as well.

For more information on how the Delfin Cups, and Vacuum Therapy for the Buttocks works, contact Beauty World NYC today.