Skin Lesion Removal

What are Skin Lesions or Pigmented Lesions?
Skin Lesions or pigmented lesions are areas of skin particularly different from the surrounding skin. The areas generally appear as a lump, or sore. Skin lesions are abnormal growths of skin that may or may not be cancerous and therefore lead to other, more dangerous health concerns. Skin lesions include warts, moles, skin tags, or scars.

At Beauty World we are happy to offer our clients some of the best laser treatment protocols for skin lesions and pigmented lesions available today. We use one of the best lasers available today, the Cynosure Elite. Pricing is highly dependent upon the area(s) of the body that is in need of treatment as well as the size of the treatment area.

However, pricing starts as follows:
Face: Starting at $50
Body: Schedule an Appointment

Our experts will help better quote you a price once we analyze the level of correction needed as well as the size of the treatment area.

Why remove Skin Lesions or Pigmented Lesions?
Skin lesions are a particularly tricky area of skin, as they may or not be cancerous. Therefore, the only true means of identifying the true danger behind them is by performing a skin lesion biopsy, where a small cross-section is removed from the lesion and the tissue is tested for cancer.

If the lesion proves to be a cancerous melanoma or part of another dangerous dermal issue, then that is clearly the number one reason for it to be removed as the cancerous tissue may spread to other parts of the body.
Skin lesions can present all over the body and are often darker in color that than of the surrounding skin.

Other common reasons for removing skin lesions include:

  • Cosmetic reasons: Skin lesions tend to be unwanted and aesthetically unpleasing, therefore patients feel they must be removed for cosmetic reasons.
  • Chronic Skin Irritation: Some skin lesions are the product of chronic or non-chronic skin irritations. They may cause itching or discomfort, and patients would prefer them to be removed.

Skin Lesion Removal
Skin lesions can be removed using a number of methods, however at Beauty World we focus on the use of lasers as they treat a variety of skin lesions and pigmented lesions. They help to relieve the dark spots and can penetrate deep within the skin to remove the lesion and smooth out the skin from the inside out.

Laser Surgery: Using a high-energy laser light beam, the skin lesions tissue is removed from the skin’s surface. Laser skin resurfacing can generally remove light blemishes, however with more pronounced lesions it may require a few treatments, or even a combination of procedures involving lasers and other forms of removal.

Most of these procedures can be completed in far less than hour and will require very little downtime. We recommend cleaning and changing the dressing of any wounds that may be left over.

If you are in need of Skin Lesion or pigmented lesion removal contact us today as it is important to insure the health of the skin tissue, as well as its removal.