Organic Eyelash Bio Curl

Eyelash extensions have recently taken the world by storm, women all over the world are craving those long, voluminous eyelashes, and the sultry look they provide. One alternative, that uses only your natural eyelashes is called Keratin Lash Lift.

Using the same Keratin Treatment we perform to straighten and smooth out hair, we are able to take a client’s existing eyelashes and straightening and smoothing them out and providing patients with the long, luscious eyelashes they desire!

How Does It Works?
Keratin Eyelash Lift is designed to darken, and lift lashes without adding any false strands. During this procedure your natural lashes are lifted and filled with a special pigment infusion. This essentially, elongates, straightens, and darkens your lashes at the same time. While also giving you the beautiful upward curve that most women today desire.

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