Microcurrent Anticellulite Treatment

The Science Behind Microcurrent Anticellulite Treatment

One of the worst things a woman can deal with as she ages, is the constant and nearly never-ending issues surrounding cellulite problems, and excess pads of unwanted fatty tissue. According to the team of aesthetic treatment experts at Beauty World, the best medical spa NYC has to offer, while there are a number of different treatment options out there, finding the correct one that works for you is the most difficult issue. And while it seems like new and trendy treatments come out each and every day, far too many prove ineffective for most individuals, if not just everybody, however, in recent years there has been one highly effective treatment that has worked for countless individuals and provided some of the most amazing results we have seen in years – especially when it comes to cellulite issues – Microcurrent anticellulite treatment. Microcurrent anticellulite treatment has proven to be highly effective in treatment issues of cellulite on both men and women, regardless of issues including skin type, tone, and texture. To learn more about the amazing science behind microcurrent treatments, the team at Beauty World, the best medical spa NYC has to offer, is here to help.

First and foremost, one of the biggest issues with many of the cellulite treatments out there are that they simply aren’t as safe as you would expect them to be, and often can lead to a number of unwanted issues like injury, burned skin issues, discoloration and much more. However, when t comes to Microcurrent treatments are safe, effective and painless. The technology was first developed in the medical arena in the 1960s to treat patients with facial paralysis due to stroke and Bell’s palsy. It proved to be so effective for muscle rehabilitation and wound healing, that it was later adopted by the beauty industry for aesthetic purposes. The fact is that when it comes to microcurrent treatment they can not only help treat cellulite issues, but far more than just that. In fact, some of the most devastating issues that we might treat with microcurrent treatment include droopy eyelids, cheeks and much more. Some of the most common issues include:

· Enhance facial contour for a more sculpted look

· Reduce and erase fine lines and wrinkles

· Decrease puffiness and inflammation

· Lift and tighten brow and jaw lines

· Promote firmer, smoother skin texture and tone

Another important fact that patients must understand about microcurrent treatment is that the effects are cumulative, and there are no harmful side effects. Instead, there are side benefits, which include muscle re-education, scar repair and deep relaxation.Microcurrent works in harmony with the body’s natural electrical system to offer a number of amazingly effective side benefits, many of which were never before heard of including things like:

· Increase circulation

· Promote collagen and elastin production

· Dramatically increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

· Improve fibroblast activity for collagen synthesis

· Increase amino acid production

The considerable increase of ATP is particularly important. ATP is the chemical energy that supports all living things, and as we age, our body’s store of ATP diminishes and our cellular functions slow down, increasing the signs of aging. Microcurrent treatments boost ATP production by as much as 500%, and thereby improve the appearance of your skin at the cellular level. (We explain more of the science behind this below.)The Natural Lift treatments use microcurrent anti-aging technology that works organically to rejuvenate the skin as well as to re-educate facial muscles, removing the tired mask of stress so that our true beauty can shine forth. It allows us to age gracefully, and far smoother than other methods might. According to the team at Beauty World, the best medical spa NYC has to offer, microcurrent treatments use pulsating electrical currents of extremely low voltage to naturally contour the face, lift sagging muscles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent operates at the cellular level to rejuvenate and nourish your skin, nerves, muscles, blood and lymph system. Even more, the current stimulates endorphins, so that when you leave a session, you both look and feel your best. For more information about microcurrent anticellulite treatment, be sure to contact Beauty World NYC today.