Microblading eyebrows

Microblading eyebrows technique/micropigmenation
Every girl dreams about being perfectly beautiful waking up in the morning. Ideal appearance consists of several factors including soft skin, bright eyes and of course, attractive eyebrows. Unfortunately a lot of women can’t obtain ideal shape of their eyebrows without applying cosmetic manipulations.

The Board of Microblading is being formed complete with examination and requirements of training, a knowledge of the basics of sanitation, Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate, Color Theory, Techniques, Safe needles (such as the hygienic cartridge microblading needle with retractable “no stick” design”, and healed photographs of work completed. Members will be listed online for the public to refer to for qualification and location of a microblading professional near them.

Procedures performed by technicians who have completed a comprehensive course of instruction can minimize the risk of unwanted outcomes and client dissatisfaction.

Earlier the most popular procedure was-eyebrows but the effect was not natural. Monotonous arched line was created due to this manipulation.Plus before they used in most cases permanent pigments that last many years, then faded in undesired tones such as red, green, blue depends what tone they used more, and women could not do anything with that, tried to cover with pencil or mascara. But several years ago new era in the eyebrows started. The procedure of microblading appeared.

Description of the procedure

The story:
It came from Japan. People used before plant pigments on the body using wood sticks. Then in many years later they finally came up with semi-permanent pigments.

How: it works:
There are two ways:
Using microblading pen and single use needle with semi-permanent pigments that usually last 9-15 months and fade gradually.
Using microblading machine and single used special needles with permanent or semi-permanent pigments. Permanent last up to 3-3,5 years and fade gradually.
The microblading specialist creates the strokes that look just like real hairs. It is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, extend, cover gaps and scars, fill-in over plucked brows or to add a slight arch to all candidates. Each microblading stroke is applied individually, allowing the artist/beauty therapist control of the shape, color and density of the completed eyebrows.

Such cosmetic manipulation implies injecting special colouring pigment under the skin. It imitates natural eyebrows hair. The differences between ordinary this procedure lies in providing microblading manually while the first procedure named eyebrows is completely made by special equipment and created a flat color on eyebrows area. So the procedure of microblading is sometimes called manual.

A cosmetologist use special micro blade and makes tiny cuts and place pigment under the upper layer of epidermis. The procedure is rather painless therefore it demands using anaesthetic cream previously. Before the procedure the numbing cream applies for at least 15 minutes before drawing the shape with a pencil. Then during a procedure they apply step #2 numbing cream, that has epinephrine which stops bleeding and anesthetizes the complete eyebrow area for 15-20 minutes, that enough time for professionals to complete the procedure with a needle. Usually the whole process should last for an hour including the consultation, the numbing cream application, predrawing with pencil and work with a needle, finishing touch where the post care treatment has been advised.

Enhancing eyebrows with strokes

Creature of eyebrows

Reshaping of eyebrows

Enhance eyebrows shape and color

Eyebrows before correction

Microblading eyebrows is provided in two stages:

  • A cosmetologist injects pigment imitating natural hair but the effect is temporary.
  • After initial procedure in 4-6 days the skin will start scab off and the client may experience a little bit of dryness, itching and some hair strokes may come out and eyebrows may look a bit uneven. But it is normal healing process. That is why recommended a touch up/correction in 28 days , where the eyebrows technician will correct the shape, tone, darkness of pigment.

  • After a month it is necessary to visit beauty salon one more time for correction.
  • It is the same procedure as initial one and it is recommended to put the pigment all over again to blend the pigment and to refresh eyebrows.

Recommendations and contraindications
Contraindications for this procedure exist and they should be known by patients before microblading providing. This cosmetic manipulation is contraindicated for:

  • 1-2 days before the menstruation;
  • No alcohol, or blood thinners 1-2 days before.

Medical contraindications lie in idiosyncrasy and bad blood coagulability.

The procedure is recommended for those women who dream about eyebrows of perfect shape but can’t achieve this aim without professional help. Cosmetologists will select ideal shape and density making your dream comes true. And very big advantage of this procedure, that people can do it during a lunch break, or same day before big party, during a week, the eyebrows will look natural and not swollen.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

The positive features of microblading are obvious. The most important are the following ones:

1.Eyebrows look like natural ones.
2.The procedure economizes time and money for everyday makeup.
3.The effect is rather continuous – pigment is stable for 1-1,5 years.

Natural looking eyebrows after correction

Providing care after the procedure

When the procedure is provided special care must be applied. Use creams with sedative action. Don’t touch eyebrows with your fingers for at least one day and a half. Don’t wash your face for three days – use napkins and cotton pads instead.

Clients’ feedback
The procedure gains popularity and all women who provided such cosmetic manipulation are totally satisfied:

“I always want to have beautiful thick eyebrows but my natural hairs are thin. Applying beauty salon I made my dream come true” – Cortney, 24 years.

“I work as a doctor and therefore examined the procedure on all pros and cons. Finally I decided to try eyebrows microblading and now I economize time for makeup and my friends say that my eyes become more charming and look real, it saved my life!!!” – Anastasia, 28 years.