Lip Tattooing

Lip Tattooing is one of the most commonly requested permanent makeup procedures today. The affect it has on the lips is unmatched, not to mention the time it saves our clients, not having to apply & reapply makeup at all during the day.

Permanent Makeup has become a trend for both men and women all across the world. Our certified permanent makeup estheticians have trained under some of the world’s best microblading and permanent makeup experts, learning intricate techniques, using world class precision.

What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup is an art. Many of the world’s best permanent makeup artists have dedicated their lives to becoming masters in this aesthetic science. It is the craft of carefully applying pigment beneath the skin’s surface, similar to tattooing, creating beautiful, natural, well-defined contours to your eyebrows, eyelids, and lips.

Lip Tattooing
Many women wish they could have those 3D looking lips with a beautiful natural tone, texture, and perfectly contoured outlines. Using semi-permanent makeup that’s all possible. At Beauty World our expert staff can help you get the perfectly outlined lips and in the beautiful, natural tones you desire!

Many women weren’t blessed with perfectly toned or textured lips, at Beauty World we have the solution. Using a special permanent makeup apparatus, we can perfectly outline your lips, giving them a far more well-defined lip line, while giving them an almost 3-Dimensional effect. True Lip Tattooing can also help enhance the shape and color of your natural lips, giving them a prettier pink hue or a sexy dark, reddish look. No matter what your lip-toning desires we can deliver you with more attractive, well-defined, symmetrically perfect, vibrant lips.

The procedure itself is quite precise and our experts are meticulous in their crafting of you “new” lips; so expect to be in the chair for an hour or two, for optimal results.