Hair Extensions

Long beautiful hair was always symbol of women’s charm and fairness but only some ladies have such hair inherently. Others might look at it and calmly envy. Till nowadays. The sphere of cosmetology constantly develops and new ways of being gorgeous are invented. Hair extension is among them. Such technique is gaining popularity.

Methods of extension
Nowadays there exist several ways of hair extension providing. The most spread ones are capsular , I-tips, U-tips, Clip-n-go, Wefts or Italian technique and beautiful tape strips.

I-tips extensions pieces

Beaded Method or I-tips
Every strand of your hair will be enhanced with the 360 degree movement of I-Tip Extensions. You might not know what to do with your hair’s volume, length, and versatility. That’s okay. Wear it up or down, the beads are easy to hide–especially since they come in five fabulous colors.

I-tips or Beaded method

I-Tip installation is a snap! Microbeads are clamped to securely hold each hair extension strand in place. That means your hair can be long and full without the worry of slippage. This amazing method has absolutely no chemicals, no glue, and no heat.

– May be reused up to 3 times
– Application time: 1 to 2 hours
– Lasts 3 to 6 months with proper care
– Length in 18″ straight, 22″ straight, and 22″ wavy.

Application of U-tips extensions

U-Tip Hair Extensions
Capsules that link artificial and natural hair are transparent and therefore invisible. Such method allows making different hairstyles beginning with simple ones as horsetail and ending with exquisite ones for special events. One all recommendations of wearing are followed correction will be demanded once in three months. This extension technique allows enjoying long beautiful hair for about a year.

U-tip hair extensions are hair extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin and are applied to the client by use of a hot hair extension iron. This type of hair extension is also called “Fusion.” The shape of the tip can vary from u-tip to flat tip, depending on the brand. The keratin tip may need to be trimmed to remove the excess keratin.
The heat from a hair extension iron will not damage the hair, it’s less hot than a standard curling or flat iron and the hair extension iron only touches the hair for a few seconds.

U-tip hair extensions on curly hair

The U-tips are made of Super Keratip; Super Keratip is the strongest keratin available today. It is a professional product and because of the hardness if the keratin, application should only be done by professionals.

To apply U-tipped extensions the hair needs to be freshly washed with clarifying shampoo and no conditioner your hands also need to be clean. Completely melt the keratin with the hair extension iron so the keratin penetrates the client’s hair, (this a makes for a long lasting bond). Then roll with fingers-The Super Keratin won’t stick to finger or burn your fingers like other keratin.

U-Tipped hair extensions are the most popular extensions for all hair types because the attachment spot is very small can be customized by cutting the hair extension to make 2-3 smaller, micro bonds for use with fine hair. Last up to 3-4 months.

Tape-in extensions pieces

Tape-in hair extensions
Tape-In hair extensions are an amazing way of adding highlights, volume and length to your hair.

The tape extensions are very quick and easy to apply while laying extremely flat to the scalp. No extra tools are required to install this system besides a sectioning comb making it a quick and easy installation. A full head application for these tapes is about 30 minutes and the hair will last over 6 months with maintenances every 1-3 months.
They are the most gentle way of adding hair extensions so they are especially good for delicate, fine hair.
Tape-in extensions can be worn higher on the crown of the head for additional volume and
they can be used in conjunction with keratin tip or I-tip hair extensions.
Place the I tips or keratin tips in the nape area and use the tape-ins higher up on the head and in the front.