Fitness Facial: Lymphatic Massage

The Fitness Facial is a revolutionary new procedure available at Beauty World! The procedure works to stimulate and rejuvenate your tissue at a cellular level, boosting restorative cellular activity. In addition, this interesting new facial massage can help patients to eliminate unwanted signs of premature aging – helping to tighten the skin and underlying muscle tissue, while simultaneously helping to reduce the presence of expression lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells.

Facial Massage
Popularized throughout a number of Eastern culture therapies, facial massage is part of a full-body treatment in which pressure points on the face and neck are stimulated in order to release blockages in the flow of blood, oxygen and other nutrients – helping to bring vital energy and making overall improvements to the body. Facial massages are exactly what they sound like: the act of massaging your face. The benefits include increased circulation, decreased puffiness, a more lifted visage and the melting away of any tension in your face.
While clearly far different from a surgical facelift, this procedure is sometimes known as a Facelift Massage as well. The facial treatment can be done a one to two times a week, as needed. The main benefit of the massage itself, is that it helps to circulate blood, oxygen and other nutrients throughout he face.

And all too often, as both men and women age, they tend to develop certain types of blockages within the facial tissue that causes issues including inflammation – damaging not just your looks but your overall health and wellness as well. By performing this type of a lymphatic drainage massage, we are able to breakup and blockages and spur the flow of nutrients and overall circulation. In addition, it simultaneously stimulates the skin and muscle tissue, and gets the blood and lymph moving in, around and past the face and nearby skin tissue. As such, as a result, patients can expect to have far brighter, tighter skin, that overtime, will become nearly blemish and wrinkle free! To learn more about this facial stimulation massage, as well as our other treatments, be sure to contact Beauty World today!