Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions is a very luxurious process, and at Beauty World we want our clients to get the best experience possible!
Having long, luscious eyelashes are something every girl dreams of having. They provide the eyes with a certain depth, and beauty that is rarely achieved using any other processes. The length of your eyebrows gives you an impenetrable gaze, that brings out your eyes unlike anything else.

Although eyelash application is fairly straightforward, most women simply lack the time to apply them on a daily or even weekly basis. They also lack the professional technique that may be required to achieve an above average look.

Our expert staff will seat you in one of our beautiful makeup rooms. With soft lighting and a perfect, relaxing ambience. From there we will determine what types of lashes are right for you, including size and materials used. Generally, there are 3 types of lashes, synthetic, silk, and mink.

The types of lashes as well as the size of the lashes chosen are dependent on the condition of your own natural lashes. Everyone has different lashes in both look and feel. Once the correct lashes are chosen the lashes are applied using a semi-permanent adhesive, that is specially formulated not to hurt or disturb the eye or damage your natural lashes.
Before applying the glue, make sure to check whether you have an allergic reaction to it or not, as many patients suffer from allergic reactions or other irritations as a result.

How long do eyelash extensions take to apply?
In certain cases, the application of a full set of lashes can take 1-2 hours! However, timing is mostly dependent on the number of lashes, as well as the look the patient is “going for”.

One of the best parts of eyelash extensions is that despite only being affixed at the eyelids they can have an effect on your entire face! A good set of eyelashes can make or break a look, and provide patients with a cost-effective method of contouring their entire face. The length and thickness can both slim and contour your face shape.