Body Wax

4 First Time Bikini Wax Facts to Know!

With the summer months upon us, it seems that more and more women are visiting the spa now, whether it be to achieve softer, more supple, clear skin, to try and reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite along their thighs, and much more! While these treatments are certainly popular, and account for a large percentage of spa trips, the single most popular spa procedure, far more popular than all of these treatments combined, is the body wax. The fact of the matter is that according to the experts at Beauty World NYC, the best medical spa Queens has to offer, women can put up with not having the clearest skin on a beach day, or just having their hair up in a bun – not having to actually get their hair done, but one issue that is fairly universal, and something most women simply will not be able to stand, is having hairy, prickly legs at the beach, pool, out shopping or anywhere else for that matter. With the warm summer months body wax becomes essential, as NYC’s constantly hot and humid summers make wearing long pants relatively unbearable especial with hair legs. Plus, the biggest issue is that it isn’t just your legs wear having overgrowth of hair is unbearable, its your nether region or intimate bikini line area as well. Not only can having an overgrowth of pubic hair a huge embarrassment on the beach or at the pool, where your bikini might move to the side even a half inch, and cause everyone to get a look at an unsightly amount of pubic hair, but it also causes excess discomfort, in the form of heat, excess sweating, itchiness, and hygiene issues such as sweating and even an unwanted odor. Now most women will cringe just reading this, because they know how this feels and how its pretty much most women’s worst nightmare.

The fact of the matter is that any type of body wax, especially a bikini wax isn’t really an enjoyable experience for most and it can often be painful – but, for such a sensitive area, its better than shaving, and cheaper, plus easier to book an appointment than laser hair remove. And while many women simply shaving on their own, a body wax is a far superior option with the smoothness from a bikini wax lasting for two to four weeks, rather than days, making it a good option for the summer months, when you don’t want to be constantly reaching for the razor. Now to better equip you in getting ready for your next bikini wax appointment, here are some worthwhile tips to follow.

· Grow it Out for Your Appointment

This might seem to be counter intuitive to some, and considering how often women will want to use the razor in between appointments, according to the experts at the best medical spa Queens has in practice, Beauty World, its best to let it grow out before your appointment – at least about ¼ of an inch. Also make sure its not too long either. Wax can’t pick up your hairs when they’re too short, so we recommend trimming it to about a quarter of an inch. If you’re unsure of how long that is, just leave it alone. You can call the spa or salon beforehand and let your waxer know that you will need her to trim your hairs before your wax.

· Pick a Style and Shape Beforehand

There are a number of different options when it comes to even the simplest of bikini waxes. A simple bikini wax, which only takes pubic hair off the sides of your bikini line, a Brazilian wax that removes all or nearly all of the hair from front to back, or a full-bush Brazilian style that removes all hair from the vulva and back but keeps a triangle in the front.

· Make Sure it isn’t That Time of the Month

Be sure not to schedule a wax, 3 days before or after your period – for fairly obvious reasons! Things can get to be quite messy. Plus, your skin tends to be extra sensitive during that period.

· Be Sure to Shower WELL

One of the biggest mistake’s women tend to make is to not shower before they get a wax, thinking they will simply shower after and remove any excess dead skin or hair follicles. Sure, while this is to your benefit, it is absolutely not to your waxer’s benefit. As the best medical spa Queens has in practice, Beauty World and other spas, will often turn away clients if their hygiene is absolutely terrible as it can create an unsafe and drastically unpleasant working environment for your waxing specialist and be extremely embarrassing for you. Plus, it will also help the process and give you better results! Be sure to take a warm shower or bath, within anywhere from 1 to 18 hours before your appointment, as this will also help open up your pores, making the hair come off easier and be far less painful. Try to make sure your skin is completely dry, clean, and smelling good.

A body wax is one of the most efficient methods of hair removal for women, especially along the intimate areas – so be sure to do your research before divig right in. For more information on a body wax procedure, or to schedule one of your own, be sure to contact Beauty World NYC today.