Body Pressotherapy Weight Loss Therapy

How Can Pressotherapy Help You to Lose Weight?

With the summer months upon us, and with the pandemic hopefully coming to an end soon enough for us to have a few weeks of summer weather to enjoy – many men and women are currently scrambling to try and take off as much of their extra weight as possible. And while there are certainly a number of amazing weight loss options out there, one fairly new method has a lot of individuals pretty excited. This method is known as body pressotherapy weight loss therapy or often simply known as pressotherapy. Pressotherapy itself is often known as a lymphatic drainage therapy or lymphatic drainage massage. The body pressotherapy weight loss therapy method is designed to stimulate the patient’s lymphatic system, by using a series of compressing and decompressing movements along a specific area of the body. By performing this massage method, it not only helps to drain the body, but it also helps us to get rid of unwanted toxins and excess liquids. In addition, body pressotherapy weight loss therapy also helps to reduce common issues such as liquid retention, while also providing you with far better blood circulation as well as to help reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite. Plus, one of the most favorite aspects of this procedure is the fact that its relatively fast and doesn’t take a long time to complete at all. Now to learn more about this amazing weight loss method, be sure to read on below.

The most important thing we must first understand is that the lymphatic system is a part of our circulation system. And just like our blood circulation system carries our blood, lymphatic system carries our lymph – a fluid that consists of white blood cells, but also fats and debris of our bacteria and cells that the body needs to get rid of. Our lymphatic system is responsible for ensuring that this process goes smoothly and our body gets rid of all the toxins and excess liquids, and is also important for a healthy digestion system. In some cases however, our body may be faltering and not work exactly how it is supposed to.

When the body isn’t expelling toxins and helping to reduce excess liquid retention, it is generally because of a number of different factors, most commonly:

· Moderate to Severe Stress

· Overall Unhealthy Diet

· Lack of Exercise

· Sedentary Lifestyle

Then, as a result of such issues, our legs have little blood supply and our body’s lymphatic system slows down its functioning, meaning that it is no longer able to get rid of the toxins as fast as it should, resulting in swelling, pain and other related discomfort. However, the body pressotherapy weight loss therapy procedure can help to fight off such issues, again, by constant compression and decompression of certain body parts, in order to stimulate better functioning of the lymphatic drainage system. By doing this the pressotherapy procedure is able to help relax your muscles, whilst also improving both your blood and lymphatic circulation issues. Interestingly enough, this method has been known throughout the health and wellness industry for quite a long time, and isn’t exactly new, however, many clinics have only recently begun offering its amazing benefits to their patients. In addition, all too often certain clinics may only offer manual treatments, which entail a massage therapist performing all the compression movements upon the lymphatic system. As a better, faster and more convenient alternative – pressotherapy devices now exist that offer more programs and pressures, and give you complete independence from a wellness therapist.The pressotherapy equipment normally consists of a central unit which controls the pressure and can let the user select the optimal program, as well as a large suit that you have to wear before the treatment. The central unit is also responsible for pumping the air into the suit, which is what creates the pressure and massages the body, encouraging lymphatic drainage. Some equipment comes with an additional and separate upper body and arm extensions that you can chose to wear during the treatment. Now to learn more about the procedure, or to schedule a consultation to find out if pressotherapy is right for you, be sure to contact Beauty World today.