Body Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage

Another interesting form of lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy is a beauty treatment that promotes drainage by using air pressure on different parts of the body. Alternating between compression and decompression, it effectively stimulates the lymphatic system – while helping patients to improve their overall health as well as their appearance.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage
There are quite a few benefits that are often attributed to lymphatic drainage massages, and the benefits are vast and varied. The most common benefits include, a reduction in overall inflammation and swelling, water retention and increased circulation, particularly for those with lymphedema (swelling caused by a lymphatic system blockage), reduced swelling of plugged ducts in breastfeeding women. However, the main value provided through the manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the ability to reduce the presence of blockages and improving circulation where it might have slowed over the years. This helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, and stimulates the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients overall.

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage acts on the lymphatic system, with very positive effects on the body. Furthermore, proper blood circulation also contributes to weight loss easily. It relaxes your muscles and improves your blood and lymphatic circulation – reducing inflammation one of the most difficult issues to deal with for the body. In addition, you may experience sensations on the table as lymph fluids begin to move (tingling, coolness in fingers and toes, digestive noises). Your therapist may incorporate other energy healing or massage therapy techniques to aid in optimal lymph flow with your permission. For more information on procedures such as this or others, be sure to contact Beauty World NYC today.