Beaming White Advanced Teeth Whitening

Beaming White Advanced Teeth Whitening
Whether you’re a heavy smoker battling dark stains and yellowing teeth, or simply an average person looking to brighten up your smile, the Beaming White Teeth Whitening System is the perfect treatment for you! Backed by an impressive track record, for proven results and reviews, Beauty World is excited to introduce the Beaming White system to its clients.

Learn more about this innovative method of teeth whitening below!
The Beaming White teeth whitening system has slowly become one of the most highly effective cosmetic teeth whitening methods around today! While the system was initially designed for salons and medical spas, its high level of effectiveness and efficiency, has convinced countless dentists around the world to begin offering Beaming White as an alternative to traditional power teeth whitening or dental trays.

How Does the Beaming White System Work?
The Beaming White teeth whitening system uses the popular method of light-activated teeth whitening. We combine the high-powered Futura 2400 blue LED teeth whitening light, with the freshest teeth whitening gels around. The basic setup uses a proprietary, 16% hydrogen-peroxide teeth whitening gel, that’s safe and effective on all types of teeth, in any condition!

Rather than using traditional gel trays, the gels are “painted” onto the teeth, using a specialized soft, brush-pen applicator. Any soft tissue(s) around the mouth is protected using special vitamin E swabs and a cheek retractor.

How Long Does each Session Last?
The beauty of the highly effective Beaming White teeth whitening system is that each application can be completed within 15 to 30 minutes. For the best results, we recommend patients undergo at least 3-4 sessions back to back – as each session operates in a specific way to benefit the teeth.

The first session will generally open the pores of the teeth and enamel. This begins the teeth whitening process. Many patients have experienced solid improvements, simply from one session of teeth whitening. The second & third applications, however, will provide more drastic, far more visually improved results.

Maximize Your Results
Results can last years at a time, depending on your dental hygiene and your lifestyle habits. While we do recommend starting off with at least 2 to 3 sessions to see the best results from the start, every patient has different needs. It is highly recommended that you make follow-up appointments, months or even years down the line to keep the same results.

Also, be sure to ask about a special take-home kit to boost your results even further! And specialized color regression pen, to remove any possible spots that may appear over time. We also recommend clients ask about the Mineral Enamel Booster treatment, which allows you to seal in your results for a much longer period of time, as well as restoring and demineralizing the enamel layer of the teeth. This can also help those who might experience increased oral sensitivity, as a result of teeth whitening. To find out more about this, and the entire Beaming White system, be sure to contact Beauty World today!